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April 18, 2022

Oklahomans Caring for Oklahomans 2022 Day at the Capitol
Join us for a day of advocacy at the state capitol, as we mobilize our coalition in support of protecting the relationship between patient and provider and ensuring that health care for Oklahomans is run by Oklahomans. We want a health care system that's driven by patient outcomes – not insurance company profits. 
Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
We'll meet at the Oklahoma State Medical Association for registration, an advocacy training and lunch before heading to the capitol together to meet with legislators.
313 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
8:30 to 9:30 – Registration
9:30 to 11:00 – Advocacy Training
11:00 – Boxed Lunches
11:30 – Buses Begin Departing for the Capitol 
2:30 – Group Photo on the South Steps of the State Capitol
3:00 – Buses Depart Capitol for OSMA



September 23, 2021

July 2, 2021

OMEPA announces its fall conference dates. 



April 8, 2021

OMEPA meets with Senator Stephanie Bice in Oklahoma City to discuss current medical equipment issues in Oklahoma. 


March 11, 2021

December 4, 2020

OMEPA urges all DME providers to contact their local legislators and discuss what commercial managed care would do to the patients they serve in Oklahoma.  



November 10, 2020

News Release on 2020 OMEPA Conference

To the OMEPA Members,

The 2020 OMEPA annual conference was a huge success despite the difficulties that the year 2020 has brought to many of us. This year's OMEPA conference was conducted as a one-day conference and this year was moved to Tulsa for easy access to the providers in Eastern Oklahoma. The one-day conference was power packed with back to back events and covered the following topics:

1.      In person; Craig Douglas of VGM, presentation on Oklahoma Medicaid using a third-party payer, understanding the structures of existing contracts, predicting the revenue impact for 2021, how to use the VGM revenue tools for your business, and the process to assist you in HHS Prov. Relief funds for phase 3. See link for full presentation at the bottom of the page.

2.      In person; Mark J. Higley of VGM, presentation regarding the 50 states reopening under the COVID 19 virus conditions, address the taxation of the Relief Payments related to Congress intentions under the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program and your revenue deductible expenses, the receiving of your PPP loan and how we can defer payments and deposits of employees share of Social Security taxes and the forgiveness of the loan. Question regarding the employees asking if their past and any future “stimulus checks" will be taxable to them? The short answer is no, you will not owe income taxes on the cash and do not need to include it as part of your taxable income on your 2020 return. See link for full presentation at the bottom of the page.

3.      Virtual conference call; John Gallagher of VGM who planned to be at the meeting but was quarantined at the last minute. His presentation dealt with updates in Washington DC, ongoing Federal Lobbying Efforts, update on the letter signed by Congressional to HHS/CMS in requesting a delay to the Competitive Bidding program for one year or longer depending upon the duration of our national pandemic. A brief discussion regarding current reimbursement rates, and a demonstration on using available tools, such as SBA Business Smart Toolkit and closing with Fraud Eradication Awareness Team F.E.A.T. discussion. See link for full presentation at the bottom of the page.

4.      Virtual conference call; Angie Cooper with Medicare's presentation regarding the competitive bidding rates, discussion on face-to-face requirements and policy changes made during this national pandemic.

5.      Virtual conference call; Carmen Irwin with CMS OPOLE from the Dallas region office and her presentation was dealing with the national CMS contracts, State Leaders Council meetings and willingness to help providers with their billing problems. Larry Dalton passed out the minutes of their last Council meeting to the group. See link for full presentation at the bottom of the page.

All virtual conference calls were routed through Emily with VGM and presented in such a way that providers were able to interact with questions and view the presentation on a large screen in the conference room.

6.      OMEPA board members conducted their monthly board meeting with members and nonmembers to provide transparency for all Oklahoma providers. A leading topic was the discussion of requiring state license for all providers that that bill or patients to a third-party on medical equipment. This does not affect Dr. clinics, pharmacies, and O&P clinics. OMEPA has approached the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy to oversee licensing. But first, this bill would require the Oklahoma's Legislative and the Governor's approval before implementing as a requirement. The board conducted a brief discussion on helping the Arkansas providers with their state association and was tabled for now.

Over the past year OMEPA secured a seat on the National Medicare Advisory Committee and nominated DeAnn Garrison as our representative and Jennifer Martin as our substitute to DeAnn. These ladies have done an outstanding job in representing our OMEPA and state DME providers. Any questions or problems that you may encounter around Medicare billing is recommended that you contact them to help gather data of the problems we are encountering in Oklahoma Medicare. 

It was announced the approval of two new vendor representatives that will serve as advisors to the board of 2021. Those two new vendors are pointed by their peers, that are members of OMEPA to serve one year as advisors to the board and the two representatives for 2021 are; Gary Duncan of Texas medical distributors and Jon Schultz of OxyGo. These two gentlemen will be replacing KC Cobb of Respironics and Bridget Roush of Revsuppliance and OMEPA would like to thank them for their outstanding work throughout the year of 2020 in serving OMEPA. It was also acknowledged that John Gallagher would be taking the place of Jay Kopriva as our VGM representative on the OMEPA board.

The board would like to thank Helen Woitchek, our OMEPA event coordinator with a special thanks to Jennifer Martin for the outstanding work they had done in preparing for this year's OMEPA conference.

Our OMEPA Platinum vendor member for 2020 is OxyGo and Ken Murphy gave a 15-minute presentation with the portability of oxygen and how we can keep our patients active.

The two-hour vendor show was an absolute success with over 17 vendors present. OMEPA honors and respects our vendors regardless whether or not they are a member not participating in our vendor show. This gives the providers the opportunity to see firsthand their equipment and discuss problems they may be having with the vendors. We thanked the vendors for their generosity in providing the box lunches for the conference and the open bar for the vendor show. 

The OMEPA Board respectfully request for comments regarding the location and the activity with this year's annual conference. You may submit your comments to Katie Roberts at [email protected] or Larry Dalton at [email protected].

Please begin the process of renewing your 2021 OMEPA membership by going to our website at www.OMEPAok.com

With your help we can become stronger and I personally thank you for allowing us to serve you.



Larry Dalton

OMEPA President 

October 7,2020

2020 OMEPA Annual Conference News Release!

Last week we had our 3rd OMEPA Annual Conference in Tulsa Oklahoma. The turnout was down a little as suspected, with the last-minute changes and challenges for our guest speakers and DME providers. But the conference was an overall success and was carried out in one of the most professional ways possible during our national pandemic crisis. We heard from Medicare, CMS Dallas Contract Office for Oklahoma, and topics with competitive bidding, new proposed rate structures, VGM Government Relations updates, AAHomecare updates, and the new proposed state's DME licenses. Victor Clay, who serves on the on OHCA advisory board for the OMEPA chair, address the conference with 30 minutes of OHCA events on the ongoing changes occurring in our state Medicaid programs. It was a powerpack day for our OMEPA conference of 2020. 

This year the OMEPA board members elected to have an open board meeting for all member and even non-members to attend and make comments in the OMEPA board meeting. The board wanted to be as transparent as possible to indicate that OMEPA is for all members to share alike. This was a huge success and allowed each member the opportunity to feel a-part in what is happening within our state's association. During this national pandemic of 2020, OMEPA board faced many challenges, but we all agreed that one of the most challenging events this year, was communicating by teleconferences with the state leaders and combat the OHCA ongoing state changes to our Medicaid programs and reimbursement rates. Later the OMEPA vendors got together and selected among themselves, two new vendors to serve as our 2021 OMEPA advisory board. These two new members for 2021 are; Gary Duncan with TMD and Jon Schultz with OxyGo. 

The OMEPA members work hard for each other. But later they have found themselves being pulled between non-paying members with questions and first-hand knowledge from OMEPA members, without any price for this information. OMEPA is an association for all Oklahoma DME providers, but is discouraged that a few of our state providers would rather sit on the sideline and let others bear the cost and work for those non-members setting on the sideline. We need “YOU," our Oklahoma DME providers to participate with OMEPA. We are stronger together and we will fall when divided! Please, join OMEPA 2021 today and don't stand on the sidelines. File out your OMEPA application for OMEPA 2021, by going to www.OMEPAok.com.

This year held many challenges for us, but for some of you it was a year of life-changing events. But if I may give a word of encouragement, that after every storm, the clouds will clear, the air becomes fresh and clean, the flowers begin to bloom, and the workers begin to plow their fields, for we become stronger through our challenges. 2021 holds a year of great opportunities and promises for our industry, and I pray that you will be there on the front line with us.



Larry Dalton

Advanced Care Medical Equipment's COO

& OMEPA President

Office: 580-924-2626 | Mobile: 580-931-6226

Email: [email protected]

September 25, 2020

2020 OMEPA Conference

On Tuesday, September 29 we will conduct our 3rd annual OMEPA conference at the Osage Casino Hotel, 951 West 36th Street North in Tulsa Oklahoma. This will only be a one-day conference packed with information to help bring you into the new year of 2021. 

The year's conference is open to OMEPA members and non-members of the Oklahoma DME industry. Our speakers consist of Oklahoma US Sen. Lankford, Angie Cooper of Medicare, Craig Douglas, Ronda Buhrmester, Mark Higley, and John Gallagher from VGM, and a special representative speaker from CMS OPOLE. There will be an open OMEPA board meeting followed by our Vendor show. **Attached is the open board meeting agenda**

Many are concerned about the COVID 19 virus and their safety in attending this event. OMEPA has gone to great lengths to ensure your safety and to meet the CDC guidelines. OMEPA face masks and hand sanitizers will be issued at the conference door. Social distance will be provided with a large conference room that has adequate spacing to conduct a very large conference and for your safety, lunch will be provided by individual lunch bags. 

You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear the latest developments that are occurring in our DME industry and what to expect as we overcome these difficult times. You will hear information regarding the newest Medicare Competitive Bid rates, the latest developments to the Oklahoma Title 19 Waiver Program, Oklahoma's upcoming 2021 Medicaid changes and the status with the new Oklahoma DME license requirements. 

This year there will be a minimum $50 per person fee and you may register now by clicking here or by contacting Jennifer Martin at 580-924-2626, ext. 229. If you are a vendor and wish to participate, you may click here or contact Jennifer Martin to register for your conference booth.

OMEPA feels that in these difficult and trying times, we need each other's fellowship and the opportunity to socialize over our challenges. We can do this with good common sense and staying safe. I personally am looking forward to seeing you on September 29, 2020.


Larry Dalton

OMEPA President

February 12, 2020


OMEPA Board members met with OHCA team members to discuss pricing changes proposed to all DME for July 2020.  The proposed changes state that all DME will be paid at the lowest of the 4 Medicare rates across all DME codes for all OHCA members.  The public comment period is open until 2/23/2020 at https://www.okhca.org/xPolicyChange.aspx?id=24410&blogid=68505 .  



December 11, 2019

OMEPA end of the Year Summary:

The DME providers of Oklahoma had a successful year in 2019 through the state association known as OMEPA. It has been an overwhelming success story. Last January, OMEPA submitted a bill requesting the removal of the sales tax requirement for prescription items and added clarification to the Oklahoma tax language. Many had said to us, “that is impossible, and your bill will be dead upon arrival."

However, a group of OMEPA members refused to accept defeat – with nonstop efforts of storming the Capitol building weekly, they managed to rally the support of a few of our outstanding state Representatives and Senators to stand with us. The OMEPA team pulled off the unbelievable, and received the final approval with Governor's signature for House Bill 1262 on May 28, 2019.    

We were honored with a ceremonial signing of the tax law changes at the state Capitol building with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt on July 9, 2019. Also present were our House and Senate champions of the bill, Rep. Kyle Hilbert, Rep. Justin Humphrey and Sen. James Leewright. With this tax relief for prescription items, there is no “sales tax" on medical equipment items that are used in the home, regardless of the pay source, as long as there is a physician's prescription for the item. 

The tax exemption for prescription items took effect on July 1, 2019, but is not retroactive on taxes you may have previously paid.


The Oklahoma Tax Commission updated their website on tax exemptions in June of 2019, and stated enforcement of new language for the tax changes and their implementation. The actual wording from the Oklahoma Tax Commission Websiteis as follows: (Source: https://www.ok.gov/tax/documents/2019%20Tax%20Legislation.pdf)


“HB 1262 -Effective July 1, 2019HB 1262 amends 68 O.S. §1357.6, exempting from the sales tax levy, sales of medical equipment including prosthetic devices, durable medical equipment and mobility enhancing equipment when administered, distributed or prescribed by a practitioner, who is authorized by law to administer, distribute or prescribe such items. HB 1262 amends the definition of durable medical equipment by adding the qualifying condition that this type of equipment be used in the home. It further adds allopathic physician and clinical nurse specialist to those qualifying as a “practitioner" for purposes of the state sales tax exemption in 68 O.S. §1357.6."


As your OMEPA president, I would like to personally thank our outstanding 2018 & 2019 OMEPA board members, as well as a few other OMEPA members, for their dedication and sacrifice in seeing this through to the finish line. The number of hours spent and the costs involved in traveling and other expenses came not from OMEPA's pockets, but from the pockets of individuals who had the compassion to give and help the entire DME industry. We truly respect the wisdom and support from the VGM team in making it possible every single step of the way, especially in those dark hours when the light grew dim.


Taking place January 1, 2020 through January 1, 2022, OMEPA has a new beginning with a few new board members. We welcome our new OMEPA Board Members, as follow:


Voting Board Members:

  • President, (reinstated): Larry Daltonof Advanced Care Medical Equipment in Durant
  • Vice President, (outgoing Victor Clay) replaced withnew appointed,Steve Asbury of National Seating and Mobility in Oklahoma City
  • Treasurer, (reinstated): Randy Taylorof Medical Equipment Affiliate in Tahlequah
  • Secretary, (outgoing Katie Roberts): replace with new appointed,Vanessa Kehlof Wheelchair & Seating Clinic in Oklahoma City &Tulsa
  • Membership Chair: (outgoing/deceasedJosh M. Drake):replace with new appointed, Jami Allingtonof Integris Medical Supply in Oklahoma City
  • Communications Chair, (outgoing Larry Pierce):replace with new appointed, Katie Robertsof Cimarron Medical Services in Stillwater
  • Legislative Chair, (outgoing Steve Asbury): replace with new appointed, Mike Harrisof Action Seating & Mobility in Tulsa
  • Event Chair, (a new board position):newly appointed,Helen Woitchekof Norman Regional DME in Norman
  • Associate DME Chair, (reinstated): Kelly Kicklighterof Ventilate OK in Oklahoma City
  • Associate DME Chair, (outgoing Keli Metz):  Board position removed


Non-Voting Advisory Board Members:(two new one-year term board members added)

  • Board Member, (reinstated): Jay Kopriva with The VGM Group in Waterloo Iowa
  • Board Member (one-year term): new appointed,KC Cobb with Respironics
  • Board Member (one-year term): new appointed, Bridget Roush with Revsuppliance in Oklahoma City


This updated roster will take effect on January 1, 2020, with the first board meeting to be conducted on January 14. OMEPA's website will be updated with board members' telephone numbers, company name, mailing and email addresses, pictures, and biographies around January 1. I am excited to see our state association grow, and to work with each of you and the new ideas and talents that you bring to our organization.


This coming year of 2020, there will be three scheduled OPEN OMEPA board meeting for all members to listen in and/or participate, taking place in March, June, and September. There will always be a general assembly meeting of the OMEPA membership at the OMEPA Annual Fall Conference, where we will personally update our members and provide an open floor for discussions and planning. To find out more about our open meetings and schedules, keep in touch at our OMEPA website, www.OMEPAok.com.


2020 Goals:

1. Double the size of our membership base with Oklahoma DME providers.

2. Prepare key legislative proposals to safeguard the HME industry in Oklahoma.

3. Continue working with state officials in developing a fair and accurate Medicaid plan.

4. Continue to develop communication bridges between state and federal officials.

5. Develop an outreach network among different proponents of our Oklahoma Health Industry.


If you would like to become an OMEPA member and unite with friends that know your problems and struggles within this industry, then please join us today by calling a board member or visiting our website for an application.  If you are an active 2020 member and not receiving monthly emails, please notify our new Communications Chair, Katie Roberts of Cimarron Medical Services in Stillwater.


In closing, I would like for you to accept my apology for not distributing your 2019 membership certificates in a timely manner; we hope to do better.  Enclosed, you will find your 2019 membership certificates. We respectfully request that you submit payment for your 2020 membership, and assure that your certificate will be put in the mail immediately.


Thank you for your support!


Larry Dalton

OMEPA President



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