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June 4, 2019


It it with a heavy heart that we share the news that our friend, and fellow OMEPA Board Member, Josh M. Drake of Family Medical Equipment passed away, Monday, June 3, 2019.


We will miss our friend and never forget the service he put forth for patients and families through his work. His funeral services will be on Saturday, June 8, 2019 in Altus. 


For those who would like to send flowers or condolences, you may send them to:

712 Taft, Altus, OK, 73521. 

Please pray for Josh and the healing of his family.



April 22, 2019

*UPDATE* on Emergency Call to Action!

Last week was a roller coaster ride as we tried to stay informed on the date and time, HB1262 would be heard on the Senate floor.

As of this Monday morning, April 22, 2019, 8:30 AM, on the Senate Floor website, www.oksenate.gov under the floor agenda, you will notice that the Senate Floor session will not convene until 1:30 PM today, and the general order of the bills to be heard “does not" include HB1262.  Each evening around 6 PM they will update the next day's agenda, listing the bills that will be heard on the Senate floor on the following day.  As soon as I know the date our bill will be heard, I will let you know and will be making plans to be at the State Capital for the reading of the bill on the Senate floor.

I have been informed that all House Bills must be put on the Senate floor agenda by Tuesday evening, April 23 and heard on the Senate floor by Thursday, April 25, 2019 for passing a bill this year.

Senate Majority Leadership: President Pro Tempore; Sen. Greg Treat, Majority Floor Leader; Sen. Kim David, Asst. Majority Floor Leader; Sen. Stephanie Bice, and Asst. Majority Floor Leader; Sen. Frank Simpson are the Senators in charge of allowing the bills to be placed on the calendar and heard on the Senate floor.

We are asking all Oklahoma DME providers to contact your Senators immediately and asked them to request that HB1262 be heard on the Senate floor and please vote “yes."

Please make plans to attend the State Capital Rally in Oklahoma City, Wednesday April 24, of this week.  We will meet at 9:30 AM on first floor at the Capital coffee shop.  If the bill is read on the Senate floor tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23, our Capital Rally will then be cancelled for Wednesday, April 24.

Please act now and call your call your Senator, Today!

Thank you,

Larry Dalton

OMEPA President

April 16, 2019

Emergency Call to Action!


It is been brought to the OMEPA attention that the bill, HB1262 may be up for a vote on the Senate floor in the morning session, April 17, 2019.

We are asking all Oklahoma DME Providers to contact your senators immediately and asked them to please vote “YES" on the passage of HB 1262, that may be presented to them as early as tomorrow morning on the Senate floor.  If HB1262 does not pass the Senate in this 2019 session, the bill is dead.

Just make a call to your Senator's office at the Oklahoma State Capital Building and request that your Senator vote yes on the passing of House Bill 1262.

Please act now and call your Senator, Today!


Thank you,

Larry Dalton

OMEPA President


April 15, 2019

Event: Capital Rally for House Bill 1262

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Time: 9:30 AM

Location: Capital Building on first floor at the coffee shop


We have had great success this year and passing HB 1262 bill through the House Committees and the House Floor with 100% in support.  Then, to the Senate finance committee with 100% approval last week and now waiting for to go to the Senate Floor for the final vote within the next few weeks.  I personally would like to thank the OMEPA members and VGM for their unwavering support each time the bill was up for a vote.  The last four weeks has been difficult in achieving a 100% approval in the Senate financial committee, but it passed last week with no problems and now ready for the final Senate vote on the Floor.


I received a text from Jay Kopriva stating that John Gallagher will not be available to attend our Capital rally next week.  Jay has informed me that he has booked his flights to come in on Tuesday evening and leave out Thursday morning.  Katie Roberts, our OMEPA Secretary, will not be able to make it on Wednesday, April 24th but feels like waiting to Thursday, will not be a good day.  The Senators will be going home early on Thursday.  Therefore, we will set the date for Wednesday Morning, April 24 at 9:30 AM on the first floor of the Capital Building, at the coffee shop.


Please, tell everyone to be there for this Senate Rally at the Capital Building to visit Senators, answer questions, and ask for their support on HB1262.  Within the next few weeks, these Senates will cast their final vote on the senate floor to approve or disapprove HB 1262.  If the bill passes, it will go to the Gov.'s desk for his signature to become a law.


If possible, please make appointments with your senator for a visit on this day.  The ones that show up, we will do their best in meeting with the Senators on that day.  If you have any questions, you may call or email, Kelli Metz, Katie Roberts or Steve Asbury, for they have been the ones who have coordinated our Capital Rallies, this year.


Thank you,

Larry Dalton

April 5, 2019

A note from the President of OMEPA – Larry Dalton

Dear OMEPA members:

The past several months have been very busy for the OMEPA board members, with several ongoing things that our OMEPA members need to be updated on. This letter is more of a "call to action" request for all Oklahoma DME providers.

As many of you may know, there are many Oklahoma DME providers closing their doors or refusing to bill Medicare and Medicaid. As of May 2018, the Oklahoma DME Suppliers numbers and information based on PTAN numbers has dropped from 289 to 142 locations, a decrease of 50.9%, and for those companies that only have one tax ID number for one or multiple locations, that number has decreased 29% throughout all locations in Oklahoma over the past five years. Since May of 2018, I personally know of five locations in the Durant area that have closed their doors completely or moved into retail only. I do not know the actual 2019 count of providers for the state of Oklahoma, but it concerns me as to just how many providers and branch locations are now providing services.

Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to pull together and fight for the common good of our Oklahoma citizens. Over the past three months, many of you have participated in our State Capital rallies with the OMEPA Board Members and VGM support team in efforts to pass the HB 1262 to clarify the language regarding tax collections on DME providers. We had great success on the State House side with 100% approval, but it is stalled in the Senate finance committee with only one week left. April 11, 2019 is the cutoff date to move any bill out of Senate committees and onto the Senate floor for the general Senate vote.

Apparently, Senators have received word from Tony Mastin of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, that SB 1262 will deplete the state tax revenue by 28 million+ dollars. It will take more time for Mr. Tony Mastin to break out the portion that pertains only to DME businesses. Therefore, Sen. Stephanie Bice, Chair of Senate Finance Committee, will not proceed any farther until she has the proper accounting numbers.

We are now faced with two options on HB 1262, 1) OMEPA will need to provide substantial information to Tony Mastin of the Oklahoma Tax Commission what actual tax dollars would be removed if this bill passes. To best proceed in collecting these numberswould be to ask each OMEPA member to submit a rough account of what they paid last year in Oklahoma taxes. We would not use your name or tax ID to keep from identifying you, just the tax dollar amounts. This would consist of a breakdown in retail taxes collected versus any prescription item that was taxed. 2) We could pull back this tax bill from the Senate committee and conduct "revenue scoring" on the bill, but this would take the summer to compile the proper numbers and then resubmitted to the Senate committee next January. If the State Senate has not voted on it, we will not have the opportunity to resubmit it again next January 2020 without having to go back through the House for their approval. But the scoring may cost OMEPA and I'm not sure what the cost will be.

We will be conducting an open OMEPA Board Meeting for all OMEPA members to listen in on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 2 PM. Call in at (571) 317-3122 with Access Code: 946-573-325, or for One-touch: tel:+15713173122, 946573325#

Please join us, as we will inform OMEPA members as to our yearly progress, updates on HR 1262, state and federal activities, information regarding the new Medicare Competitive Bidding process, and upcoming OMEPA events this fall. Again, thank you for allowing me to serve you as your OMEPA president.


OMEPA President

March 26, 2019

OMEPA Group Gathers at the State Capitol for Sales Tax Exemption, H.B.1262 


Oklahoma Medical Equipment Providers Association's (OMEPA) efforts in February paid off when the Oklahoma sales tax exemption bill passed the state House. HME providers of Oklahoma, along with VGM's John Gallagher, met at the state capitol today to shift their efforts on passage of H.B. 1262 in the state Senate.

(OMEPA providers at the state capitol today)

(left to right: Katie Roberts of Cimarron Medical Services, Larry Dalton of Advanced Care Medical Equipment and president of OMEPA, Oklahoma State Senator Chuck Hall, and John Gallagher of VGM.)

Great work today, OMEPA!

We will keep you updated as we hear information on the Oklahoma sales tax exemption bill.

March 27, 2019



CMS announced plans to consolidate the competitive bidding areas (CBAs) included in the Round 2 Re-compete and Round 1 2017 DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program into a single round of competition named “Round 2021." Round 2021 contracts are scheduled to become effective on Jan. 1, 2021, and extend through Dec. 31, 2023. VGM & Associates will be offering exclusive educational events and calculator “tools" to VGM members soon!

Below is a look at important dates and changes, as well as what you need to be doing now to be ready when the bid window opens. We'll continue to provide valuable information on each of these key areas. Here is a high-level look at the changes that will impact your business.


Important Round 2021 Changes

  • Lead Item Pricing: Instead of bidding on each item/HCPCS code within a product category, suppliers will submit a single bid for a lead item in the product category. The single payment amount (SPA) will be calculated for that lead item in the CBA based on the highest amount bid within the winning bids, rather than the median of winning bids. The SPAs for non-lead items will be based on the relative difference in the fee schedule amounts for the lead and non-lead items.
    • A “lead item" bidding calculator will be available soon! It will calculate the new SPAs for all other items within the category and indicate whether these amounts are higher or lower than the current fee schedules.
  • Single Payment Amounts: In Round 2021, the SPA for a lead item is equal to the maximum bid submitted for that item by bidders whose lead item bids for the product category are equal to or below the pivotal bid for that product category in a CBA.
  • Bid Surety Bonds: The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) requires a bid surety bond for suppliers bidding in the program. Bidders must obtain a $50,000 bid surety bond for each CBA for which they submit a bid. 

It is important to note that the bid surety bonds required for the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program are NOT the same as the surety bonds required for DMEPOS supplier enrollment purposes.

Important note: VGM Insurance offer these bid bonds through Lexon Insurance Company, its treasury-listed carrier partner. Go to https://www.vgminsurance.com/bidbonds for more information!

Suppliers Interested in Bidding:

GET BONDED: Bidders must provide proof of having obtained the required bond(s).
Visit vgminsurance.com/bidbonds for more information!

GET LICENSED: Contracts are awarded only to bidders that meet all licensing requirements by the close of the bid window. Licensing requirements change periodically, and it remains the responsibility of the bidder to identify and obtain all current, non-expired required licenses. Check out the state license directory for each state here.

GET ACCREDITED: Each supplier location on a bid must be accredited by a CMS-approved accrediting organization for the lead and non-lead items in a product category.  

REVIEW AND UPDATE ENROLLMENT: Each supplier must maintain accurate information on its CMS-855S with the NSC and in PECOS including:

  • Contact information (name, Social Security number, and date of birth) for authorized official(s)
  • Products and services furnished by the enrolled location(s)
  • Each state the enrolled location(s) furnish items and services
  • It is also important that the NSC has your current liability insurance policy information on file. Without this information, the NSC cannot process any changes to your enrollment record(s).

We encourage you to closely review all information on the official CBIC Round 2021 website.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mark Higley

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
VGM & Associates
[email protected]
Phone: 888.224.1631
Cell: 319.504.9515

VGM Government Relations





VGM Insurance Services

As you are likely aware, CMS recently announced updates to Round 2021 DMEPOS Competitive Bidding. They called to action all suppliers that are intending to bid in Round 2021, urging them to prepare now for the bid window estimated to open in June 2019.

It is required by CMS that all bidders in Round 2021 obtain a bid surety bond in the amount of $50,000 for each CBA in which they submit a bid.

VGM Insurance is pleased to announce that, in affiliation with our exclusive, treasury-listed partner, Lexon Insurance Company, we are now offering a DMEPOS Bid Bond product that is available for providers to secure.

Exclusive discounts are available for VGM Members and VGM Insurance Liability customers!

To apply for your Bid Bond, download the application form below and email it to [email protected]. You can also visit our website www.vgminsurance.com/bidbonds to learn more.





It is important to note that the bid surety bonds required for the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program are NOT the same as the surety bonds required for DMEPOS supplier enrollment purposes.

As in all previous rounds, VGM stands ready to assist you in all facets of the program. Additional details including bidding sessions, webinars, and other educational events will follow shortly from the VGM Government Relations team.

For questions about the Bid Bond product or the application process, please reach out to the VGM Insurance Bond Department at [email protected] or 866-497-0472.

For questions or more information about the Round 2021 Competitive Bidding program, please contact Mark Higley, VP Regulatory Affairs at VGM Group, Inc., at [email protected].


VGM Insurance Bond Department
[email protected]





March 8, 2019


Join us on March 26 at 10:00am on the 3rd floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol to help rally for SB1262. Find out more information on our events page and/or on our Facebook!

RSVP to [email protected]

March 6, 2019

Oklahoma City Comprehensive Workshop on April 30, 2019– Register Now!


Register now to attend the first Jurisdiction C Workshop of 2019 in Oklahoma City on April 30, at the Moore Norman Technology Center South Penn Campus. This workshop is applicable to all suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) in Jurisdiction C, including orthotics and prosthetics. Registration is limited, and the $75 fee includes a full-day workshop with plenty of time for questions and will address Documentation Requirements, Life of a Claim, Top CERT Errors for Oklahoma, Self Service Tools and Medicare Updates. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your Provider Outreach and Education Community Coach and network with other suppliers in Oklahoma. You will receive printed materials at the workshop, and a link to download an electronic version of the presentations will be provided within 5 days of the workshop.


Registration is easy! Just click this link (URL: https://cgsmedicare.com/medicare_dynamic/wrkshp/nc/102/jcform.asp) and complete the registration form. We look forward to seeing you in Oklahoma City on April 30!

February 21, 2019

Today the tax bill passed the House with 100% in support.  The bill will now go to the Senate committees to be reviewed and then to the Senate Floor for vote within the next few weeks.

I would like to thank all of our members who work so hard to get this through the House.  A special thanks and appreciation to Katie Roberts and Kelly Metz who continue to work the House floor and report back daily over the past week.

We will keep you posted when the next step is to be scheduled.  I have no doubt that we will need to meet back at the Capital building for a rally in the Senate.

Thank you and have a good day,

Larry Dalton


February 8, 2019 



Check this article aobut our push for sales tax exemption!


January 7, 2019

2019, the year of opportunity!

Hope the new year has begun to show you prosperity with many opportunities to expand your horizons. 

As we begin 2019, I would like to stop and reflect on our OMEPA accomplishments as a united group of DME providers in Oklahoma.  2018 gave us a chance to put benevolence back into our service of our Oklahoma DME industry.  OMEPA, has made historical progress both on the state and federal level by opening doors that have been closed to us as individuals for many years.

As you may have seen at our fall conference this past October, the unity and success was overwhelming with hundreds of outstanding comments about our state association and the Oklahoma DME providers.  Many comments from vendors, Medicare, Medicaid and bystanders expressed that we have shown compassion and the willingness to get involved in making changes for the good of our communities. 

None of this would be possible without you!  You are the key in helping OMEPA make the DME providers of Oklahoma successful!  Our association has opened doors and providedopportunities to make a difference in our industry while also allowing us to continue to serve others.   Please join us again, by renewing your OMEPA application today, and if you are not a member, please join us to continue to provide affordable DME services to our communities and keep patients safe within their homes.

As the OMEPA President, I would like to thank you for allowing me in serving you and for being a part of an Association that is much bigger than all of us put together.  I count this position an honor and a privilege to represent you and hope you will continue your membership with OMEPA.

Visit our website at www.omepaok.com to find the latest state and national DME news, education, and upcoming DME events around the state.  

Thank you!


Larry Dalton

OMEPA President


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